Frequently asked questions

Are your products dehydrated or freeze-dried?

Dehydrated, not freeze-dried, not chemical extracted, we use our custom built, state of the art low temperature dehydrator for maximum nutrient retention. After we harvest, wash and chop the veggies, the dehydrator spends about a day slowly removing the moisture (and nothing else) from the veggies. After that, we mill the dried veg into a fine powder, pack and ship to you.

Are your products Australian Made?

Not only are all our products Australian Made, they are grown, dehydrated and packed by our family in Sunny Corner, NSW (we're near Bathurst). So straight from the source, super fresh, family owned, Australian, Certified Organic, the whole shebang.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE if you spend $50 or more! Shipping is $10 if you spend under $50. Shipping is $30 for any international orders.

Do you ship internationally?

Of course, we charge $30 flat rate shipping for international orders :)

Do you use any preservatives, fillers, chemicals, etc?

Definitely not! Our products are pure, just veggies that we have grown and dehydrated. You'll find nothing else in the packets. Oh, and both our farm and our products are Certified Organic by ACO (#12798).

How long do your powders last? What's the expiry date?

As a new venture, we currently have an 18 month expiry on our powders, this will be extended to 24 months soon.

Do you wholesale or do bulk orders?

Yes, to both. We can offer both our packaged powders for wholesale and our powder in bulk bags for use in other products. Drop us an email to discuss,

Can I work at your farm? Can I come do my 88 days?

If you have the right to work in Australia, send an email to explaining who you are, skills, available dates etc. If we can fit you in at some point we will get in contact, if we can't then we won't.

Are you Kurrawong Organics or Kirkconnell Farm?

Yes and previously. We are Kurrawong Organics, a busy Certified Organic vegetable farm. Our powder business used to be Kirkconnell Farm, it didn't have much of a ring to it, so we rebranded as Sunny Corner :)

Where is your farm?

We're nestled in Sunny Corner State Forest, Central West NSW, Australia. We're 2.5 hours West of Sydney and half an hour East of Bathurst.

Can I visit your farm? Can I come buy vegetables?

No, not at the moment, we are in isolation/lockdown so we can keep producing food for the country. Absolutely no visitors (and we're not allowed out!). If the pandemic is over and I haven't updated this, and you happen to be passing by, drop us a message.

Are your products Certified Organic?

Yes, for 25+ years. We recently changed certifying body to Australian Certified Organic (ACO) as they're better for export. You can find our farm's ACO page here:

How do I use your powders?

NO MESSING. NO FUSSING. -BLEND into smoothies and juices for an easy nutritional boost -ADD to favourite recipes including risottos, pastas and casseroles -MIX into dressings, sauces, dips and baked goods -HIDE it in family meals and fool even the fussiest of eaters Sunny Corner powders are suitable for a very broad range of applications, from consumers up to large and medium scale food industry. Uses include, but are not limited to, dietary supplements, nutritional snacks, smoothies, soups, beverages, sauces and baked goods.

Do you have any recipes I can use?

Head over to our instagram and we'll be putting recipes on there as we jot them down. If you've got any good ones, please send them our way :)

How much powder should I use?

10g (a tablespoon) is one of your 5-a-day worth of veggies, add a spoonful of goodness to just about anything.

How much fresh vegetables are in your powders.

Most vegetables are roughly 90% water, we've taken the water out so you're left with 10% of the original weight. 10g of powder = about 100g fresh vegetables. A handful of vegetables in a spoonful of goodness.

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