We are one of Australia’s largest growers of organic broccoli, our family has been supplying the country with our award winning produce since 1924. Our success and longevity is testament only to the highest quality of our vegetables.


Kirkconnell Farm's organic broccoli is grown using sustainable methods in mineral rich, red volcanic basalt soil and irrigated with natural spring water to create this benchmark product of exceptional quality - we are recognised and awarded leaders in organic produce.


We are now positioning ourselves at the forefront of vegetable powder production - revolutionising the market with our high calibre farm-direct product. This innovative superfood is an extension of the award winning Kurrawong Organics, who are now revolutionising the superfoods industry, bringing their Certified Organic Australian Grown Broccoli Powder direct from the source, from farm to plate. We are the only farm producing Australian Organic Broccoli Powder, and believe we are the only farm globally doing it in-house.


Kirkconnell Farm's Organic Broccoli Powder is the ideal superfood solution to add to your smoothie, juice, soup, baby food or your broccoli coffee.


Broccoli Powder Coffee is becoming the new craze in Melbourne and Sydney and has attracted the attention of news agencies across the world, including ABC and SBS. We haven't seen much of a mention about Certified Organic, this is where we step in.


Kirkconnell Farm's Organic Broccoli Powder is prepared within hours of being harvested. This Broccoli Powder is 100% pure, natural, Certified Organic (OFC#0460) and does not contain any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or any other processing agents.


Harnessing the most advanced, low temperature dehydration and powdering technology ensures that maximum enzymes and nutrients are retained in the broccoli, delivering the highest quality product. After we have planted and nurtured our broccoli, we: harvest, wash, chop, dehydrate, powder and then pack - no freeze drying, no chemical solvent extraction, or any other nasty stuff.


You can find Kirkconnell Farm's Organic Broccoli Powder at the following farmers markets in Sydney: Bondi, Carriageworks, Taylor Square and the Captial Region Farmers Market in Canberra.